At Sure Flow Equipment we generally try and be humble, but sometimes one of the team just steps up and hits one out of the park, and we just need to share the news (we just won’t call it bragging).

This month, Sure Flow Equipment’s President Penni Boxall, won the Thomas “Champion for Industry” Award.

We think it’s a pretty big deal.

Penni Boxall Sure Flow Champion for Industry

Sure Flow Equipment has had a great relationship with Thomas. Almost 3 decades ago when Sure Flow began, Thomas Register or Thomas Directory consisted of a massive volume of directories of industry. They were an excellent resource for people in business, because they helped you locate a number of suppliers that provided a product or service that you required and you could then reach out to them to see which provided the best value.

Many businesses found Sure Flow Equipment in those directories and many have become long time customers. We are grateful to both Thomas and those customers for their decades of business.

Thomas has transitioned exceptionally well to the digital age, and their ThomasNet website is an excellent resource for anyone looking for suppliers. Sure, you can just do a generic search engine query, but the challenge with these is that the web is so full of questionable and even dangerous websites. ThomasNet has taken the guesswork out of the whole process because you know the suppliers you find there are prequalified so you avoid a lot of wasted time.

Thomas has always recognized that manufacturing is the backbone of the North American economy and developed their “Champion for Industry Award” to recognize the achievements of amazing manufacturing professionals.

Needless to say, we were not surprised when Thomas recognized how just how amazing Sure Flow Equipment President Penni Boxall is.

Penni has worked in literally every department over her 25 year career with Sure Flow, and was named as its first female president 2 years ago.

Starting in accounting, Penni eventually become Information Technology Manager as the system increasingly became automated. This position has helped her interact with every department and made the transition to President an obvious one.

With Penni’s accounting and IT background she has also been key in our Human Resources Department, which as discussed in her interview with Thomas, has been the source of one her greatest professional achievements. That’s the Employee Benefit and Pension Plan, and while many companies have been scaling back programs such as this, Sure Flow has remained committed to ensuring its employees are covered.

Penni Boxall in Sure Flow Equipment Plant

As Penni pointed out in her interview with Thomas, “Keeping our employees happy and employed is very important to me,” says Boxall. “I want everyone to be working. I want them to be happy. I want them to be satisfied because it’s always going to reflect in our company, in our product, and with our customers.”

“We’re all family,” she says. “People wouldn’t stay as long as they have without that feeling, and I think it’s really, really important.”

Penni has also been integral with so many of the certification programs that help ensure Sure Flow is meeting the quality requirements our customers demand. As President she is involved every day with a great number of employees and issues, and continues to ensure that this commitment to quality is the goal of every department, and every employee.

Sure Flow feels pretty lucky to have such a dynamic, motivated President involved with our business, and we’re extremely proud that Penni’s abilities and contributions have been recognized outside of the company.

Exceptional people like Penni Boxall are just one more reason should have confidence in Sure Flow Equipment’s diverse line of quality industrial valves and strainers.

You can read the whole interview here:

Penni Boxall in Sure Flow Equipment plant two