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first Newsletter. Sure Flow Equipment Inc. is proud to introduce
its new Electronic Newsletter. This will be a monthly publication
aimed at informing you, the customer, of what’s going on, what
initiatives we are taking and highlighting different products that
we offer. It will be delivered directly to your inbox so we ask
that you take advantage of this new program and take the time to
read and search the links. Sanitary Products – NEW Manufactured
from 316 Stainless Steel and polished to 25 Ra with Teflon cover
gaskets. Sure Flow Try Clamp Basket Strainers are intended for
applications where frequent, thorough cleaning is required between
every batch of product. Screening elements include perforation,
mesh or wedge wire. Sanitary pressure gauge ports are available for
mounting diaphragm seals. Other gasket materials are also
available. Download our new Sanitary Strainers and Valves
Catalogue. Eyes Toward the Future The activity in Canada’s offshore
industry continues to grow and the interest in this exciting
marketplace has never been stronger – all of this was highly
evident during a recent visit made by Sure Flow to Newfoundland in
support of the oil and gas market. With the announcement of the
Hebron and Hibernia South projects, Newfoundland and Labrador will
continue to be a major contributor to Canada’s Oil and Gas
industry. The future remains bright and the petroleum industry will
continue to shine as a dynamic gateway to new opportunities. Sure
Flow Equipment Inc. is committed to being a key part of this long
term venture. It’s easy to make sure you are “in the know”. Just
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