To our U.S. friends – we hope you enjoyed your
Thanksgiving holiday. It’s already December 1st – just around the
corner and before you know it, we’ll be celebrating our festive
Holiday Season! “Cat House”: Pictured here and situated at the back
of our facility in Burlington, Canada. Some of my staff found a
family of stray cats and kittens living on our property and we
tried desperately to catch them so we could take them to an animal
shelter. No success! That didn’t stop us at Sure Flow! Always
innovative, one of our employees, Stan Mierzswinski, aka “Bones”,
caringly took our feline family under his “wing”; no pun intended,
and has dedicated time to provide food and shelter for them. Bones
recently built this custom designed mansion for our feline family
so they can survive our harsh winters in style and comfort! Sure
Flow: Where we take Custom Design seriously and to heart! *
Competitive * Quality * Service Plus, we can custom design your
ultimate feline pet house at any time – just kidding!