Tank Vent Heads custom engineered in sizes 6 inches to
12 inches were designed specifically for our customer’s unique
application. These are just one of several components comprising
this comprehensive project we recently fabricated in our quality
focused manufacturing facility. These products are destined for
Hebron, an offshore heavy oil development located off the coast of
St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Sure Flow Equipment Inc. rises to
the challenge of quoting increasingly complicated technical
specifications for process applications and is renowned as the
preferred industry wide choice for custom fabricated projects in
all major market segments; including power, petrochemical,
offshore, marine, water treatment and more. With the enviable
calibre of our custom engineered design and manufacturing
expertise, you can be assured of successful, high quality strainer
and project solutions. Simply send your drawings or design
conditions to info@sureflowequipment.com and a member of our Sales
and Engineering team will be pleased to provide you with results!
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