Temporary cone and basket strainers are a unique product in the Sure Flow product line. Most of our products are designed for long-term applications, where they’ll be installed in a pipeline or piping systems and will remove solids from a flowing liquid to protect downstream mechanical equipment.

Sure Flow Temporary Strainers on the other hand are used for start-up of new or revamped piping systems. They will prevent construction debris from causing damage to downstream equipment.

It is important to consider that Temporary Strainers have a lower net open area than basket strainers, and the pipeline must be dissembled to inspect, clean or remove these strainers. Also, structural strength may be difficult to achieve, particularly in larger sizes and in the case of a wire mesh.

The screen cone is TIG welded around the entire circumference of the flange ring to provide strength and prevent unwanted bypass.

Temporary strainers can be installed between flanges in a pipeline where cost is of prime importance. Savings can also come from not having to reconfigure existing layouts. Installing a full-sized permanent strainer could significantly add to the cost, if space even allows it.

Temporary strainers can include:

Cone Strainer

Truncated Cone or Basket Type Strainer

Plate Strainer

Here are some details about Sure Flow Temporary Strainers:

Size: Range in sizes from 1/4” to 60” nominal pipe size as standard.

Open Area: Range in open area of strainer to cross section area of the pipe from 100% to 300% as standard

Material Thickness: Gauge of strainer material ranges between 22 to 11 depending on hole size.

Perforation: Perforation hole sizes range from 1/16” to 1/4” as standard.

Type of Material: Materials include carbon steel, various grades of stainless steel and alloys.

Flange/Facings: Strainer support rings can be constructed to accommodate raised face flanges, ring type joint flanges or any other standard flange facing.

Welding: Resistance welding, TIG and Oxyacetylene.

Liners/Covers: Available for small particle removal 200 through 10 mesh carbon steel; stainless steel, etc. 

Straight Flow – mesh on inside

Reverse Flow – mesh on outside

While these strainers were once used only temporarily or for startup, frequently they are now left in the line during operation. As with all types of strainers, periodic maintenance must be carried out to ensure efficient operation.

If you have any questions or require any further details about Sure Flow Temporary Strainers, please call us at 1-800-263-8251.