Sure Flow Model DB150 20″x30″ Duplex Strainer c/w ASME
“U” Code Stamp, custom designed to function 10 degrees from
horizontal. Installed upstream of a heat exchanger to protect
cooling water, the unique side orientation of this Duplex Strainer
will facilitate cleaning of the Strainer Baskets and will provide
optimal debris and corrosion scale removal. The high calibre of
welding and painting evident in this Duplex Strainer exemplifies
the superlative engineering and fabrication reputation for which
Sure Flow is renowned. Our talented welding and manufacturing group
turns fabrication projects into virtual works of art. A true
testament to the expertise and dedication of our workforce, pride
of a job well done and a team effort from design inception to photo
finish! Please take a second to focus on the welding quality of the
fillets – “Top Gun” (see green arrows). An appropriate saying comes
to mind: “A company is only as good as its people”. I’m very
grateful and proud of our Sure Flow family of employees – they are
the epitome of highly skilled staff dedicated to the fabrication of
superior quality products while working together toward our common
goals and commitment: To continually improve and diversify our
comprehensive product line, while providing optimum customer
service and satisfaction, we will ensure we remain your “Single
Source for Industrial Valves, Filters and Strainers”. Sure Flow
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