John Wordsworth, CEO of Sure Flow Equipment, often refers to himself as the skipper of a ship, with a crew all working towards a common goal, making the highest quality industrial strainers for the most important people in the world, our customers.

On the ship most of the crew have pretty specific responsibilities, whether it’s welding our custom fabricated products, performing quality control testing on these products, or liaising with our customers.

Through the decades though, one employee has been extremely versatile and taken on a huge number of responsibilities, and that’s Stanley Mierzswinski. The Sure Flow team affectionately refer to Stan as “Bones” and it’s been his nickname for so long, we can’t even remember where it came from.

Stanley is our Facility Maintenance Supervisor, and as you can tell just from hearing his title, his responsibilities incorporate a wide range of activities here in our 100,000+ square foot manufacturing and warehouse facility.

If there is work being done on plumbing or electrical, Stan is always nearby. He performs all the electrical, crane and safety audits to comply with our ISO 9001:2105 certification requirements. In a plant as big and busy as ours, this is a huge undertaking.

He also creates the special custom crating that so many of our products are shipped in. We have an extremely diverse range of products, in a huge assortment of sizes and shapes, and when we require a special shipping configuration to protect one of our custom or unique products, “Bones” is the artist with the wood and nail gun.

In our northern climate weather can often be an issue, and Bones ensures the parking lot is plowed and the sidewalks are shoveled before the rest of the crew arrives. No detail is too big or small for Stanley.

Bones seems to have his hand in a huge variety of activities at Sure Flow and much of this is simply because he’s a “go to” or “Top Gun” employee as John Wordsworth refers to him.

He just gets things done.

In a time when it’s often easy to blame work flow impairments on any number of excuses, technology breakdowns, weather affecting shipping, you name it, for almost 3 decades Bones has just been getting stuff done, and because of that he is a major part of the Sure Flow crew!

Here is a photo of Stanley with his wife, Sharon.

Stanley Bones photo