Even during a global pandemic, Sure Flow products are still very much in demand, and our fabrication facility is busy. This sometimes makes it difficult to get the perfect photo of every custom designed and engineered product in a perfect position before it’s out the door.

Luckily, we did get a quick image of this 16 inch, BWH600 Class 600 fabricated steel basket strainer.

It includes a raised face inlet and outlet.

The closure on the unit is quick open with a hinge. It also includes a Davit assembly for basket removal once the cover is opened. In the first photo you can see the Davit on its side beside the unit ready for shipping, as well as the housing/socket that the Davit arm fits down into on the unit itself.

On the top you can see a 1” flanged vent.

On the bottom you see a 2” flanged drain.

This unit will be used in an operating environment with high enough pressure that it has reinforcing pads.

For operating in a marine environment you’ll notice that there is an external coating to deal with corrosive sea water.

With Sure Flow’s commitment to the highest quality possible this unit includes an ASME stamp.

This strainer is going to be installed to protect a pumping station, where it will ensure the removal of debris that may damage critical pumps. It will service hydrocarbon products such as highspeed diesel, gasoline and Jet A-1 fuel.

These fuels are critical to our modern industrial economy and we’re always excited to do our part to ensure facilities that produce them run efficiently and with minimum unnecessary downtime.

BWH600 fabricated steel basket strainer with Davit

BWH600 fabricated steel basket strainer top view

BWH600 fabricated steel basket strainer bottom view