Gunner the Runner! Yes, he’s looking for Automatic
Strainers, Basket Strainers, Cone Strainers and, of course, Y
Strainers with the largest flow designs available. Gunner, now
almost 11 years old, will swim from my home for over a quarter of
mile through marshes and lagoons. Will he come back? No! We let him
go. When there is still no sign of him an hour later, we know he
has gone to pick up strainers! He is the strongest dog I have ever
owned! Loves the water. So do I. Happy New Year again. I will talk
about my Golden Retriever next week. He’s not in good shape but he
will improve. One thing about Retrievers is that you need at least
four vacuum cleaners! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your visit
at and have the opportunity to peruse our
extensive offering of industrial pipeline strainers, custom
engineered, fabricated strainers, filters, valves and pipeline
accessories. We invite you to contact us for all your strainer and
filtration requirements.