January can often seem like a pretty cold and bleak time of the year. It’s easy to think back to a couple of weeks ago during the holidays that seem focused on a feeling of warmth. Even our cable TV providers dedicate a channel to a crackling fire in a fireplace to help with that feeling.

The reality for many in our communities though is that they aren’t able to share in the abundance that many of us enjoy. Sure Flow Sales Manager John Zuber has been active in providing meals and basics to some of those individuals through his work with the Parkview Mission.


Sure Flow Founder and CEO John Wordsworth saw the type of work that was being done and wanted to get involved. He couldn’t imagine the difficulty these people experience, and especially the challenge of staying warm in our northern climate.

So, as he’s done so many times over his decades of running an industry-leading company like Sure Flow and the many challenges that he’s responded to, Mr. Wordsworth went to work.

He had previously reached out to other executives to try and source excess food that may be available for distribution. This time the focus was on warmth.

Through various channels he was able to secure a supply of sleeping bags to be able to distribute to the homeless. These are amazing slender, zippered sleeping bags, rated to -30° C (-22°F).

John Wordsworth and John Zuber with sleeping bags

The order of 2,000 sleeping bags arrived at Sure Flow over the holidays and space was found in our already well stocked warehouse to store them until the full strategy for distribution is complete. Initially some will be headed for the Parkview Mission.

No one person can deal with all the challenges of the world at any given time, but in this case John Wordsworth was able to use the success his team has generated to help some of those in our midst who are faced with homelessness.

And as always, we must acknowledge our fantastic customers who have allowed us the luxury of being able to share some of our good fortune with those less fortunate, whose needs seem especially urgent at this time of year.

the team and acer receive the sleeping bags

The Sure Flow team unloads and sorts the sleeping bag delivery. Even “Acer the Wonder Dog” helped out.