If you refer to my blog of Friday, June 16, 2006,
entitled “Times Fly By”, you will view a family of “Canadian Geese”
who migrate to our facility every year. This year they have decided
to nest right on our parking lot directly at the beginning of the
sidewalk to our front door. The male (gander) guards the nest and
attacks cars as they drive by – we now give them a wide berth and
park at the opposite end of the lot – what we do for “Mother
Nature”! I’ll post a snapshot of the baby goslings when they hatch.
On a business note, we have in stock a “New” line of High Capacity
Basket Strainers. Call us toll-free at: 1-800-263-8251 for all the
details! Next week, I’ll post the design criteria on our “What’s
New” page at https://www.sureflowequipment.com/