Sure Flow Equipment is located in fairly close proximity to some major steel makers. Steel making is iconic in our industrial society because so much of our infrastructure needs it. The rails of the railroads that built North America, pipelines, skyscrapers, bridges, it really is everywhere. It’s strong. It’s recyclable. And sometimes Sure Flow gets to participate in its production.

In this case it was the 10 Inch DB150SS fabricated dual basket strainer assembly pictured below.

First off, let us come clean that there has been some photo manipulation of this image. The original is posted at the end, but essentially our photographer didn’t get to the unit until it was on a pallet ready to ship, with a 2”x4” right down the front of it. We thought we’d remove it as best we could, just to make it easier when we provided details of the unit.

This is a 10 Inch class 150 face dual basket strainer, with flanged inlet and outlet.

It features 316 stainless steel construction and includes bolted covers on the strainer housings.

The unit features butterfly valves with stainless steel discs and gear operators for isolation purposes.

Each strainer features flat bottoms to allow the unit to sit on grade with no need to support the strainers when installed in line.

It is stainless steel construction because it will be straining water in a steel mill. With a production process like steel making, you often need water for cooling. Like all manufacturers, steel mills attempt to minimize their consumption of input materials so recovering and reusing water is critical, both for the environment and for the bottom line. And if you’re recovering water that’s been used and want to reuse it, you need to make sure it has been processed and is free of debris and any contaminants that will affect equipment downstream.

This Sure Flow unit was chosen to replace a competitor’s casting that was at the end of its life. It also featured a special design to meet space restrictions.

This particular unit is similar to our offset inlet/outlet dual basket strainer assembly design with short face-to-face.

However, for this one, the inlet and outlet flanges are actually in-line with one another as required by customer for this installation

This is accomplished by a special custom fabricated one piece manifold assembly.

Yes, it was a non-standard design, but that was no impediment to our design, engineering and fabrication team. Just part of the game.

For the record here is the original image of this unit ready for shipping, before we removed the securing 2×4 from the photo.

stainless dual basket 10 inch strainer in shipping preparation