What can I say? Joe Lawrence, Plant & Purchasing
Manager, has finally retired from Sure Flow. But knowing Joe, he
will get bored and come back to work. Joe and I go back nearly 20
years. We’ve done the international travel to Singapore, South
Korea and all over China. I remember it was freezing when we
visited the Great Wall in China. Too much travel! We’ve gone down a
lot of roads and had good times and bad times. Anyhow, Joe is a
great friend and we will miss him. Joe brought a wealth of
knowledge and expertise to our world of Custom Engineered
Fabricated Industrial Pipeline Strainers, Basket Strainers,
Filters, Industrial Valves, Check Valves, Butterfly Valves and
Pipeline Accessories. He was inspirational with new designs of
custom engineered fabricated strainers and closures, and championed
our advanced in-house design capabilities. Always a strong
proponent of innovative technology, Joe was instrumental in the
development of our quality focused state-of-the-art strainer
fabrication welding shop. His dedicated guidance contributed
significantly to our renowned reputation for manufacturing
successful, high quality pipeline strainer solutions. Joe will be
well remembered at Sure Flow Equipment Inc.