Sure Flow Equipment recently custom fabricated ten of
3″ x 8″ size Carbon Steel Basket Strainers; Sure Flow Model BWH150
Basket Strainers with Quick-Opening Hinge Cover, for the lube oil
processing facility of a major multinational oil company. One
technician can very simply open/close the strainers. Each of these
strainer/filters includes rare earth magnets and unique stainless
steel 60 mesh bag filter baskets which were specially designed to
accommodate a 10 micron polypropylene bag used for special
lubricant processing. This Custom Basket Strainer designed by our
Engineering staff, assisted with Computational Fluid Dynamics
(CFD), replaces multi-bag and cartridge style filters, which create
a significant amount of industrial waste, and allows our customer
maximum flexibility in their facility to process a wide range of
custom blended lubricants through the same packaging lines. Shown
are two of these basket strainer units installed in the intricate
piping system of this top performing operation. Remember — when
you have a challenging application, you can count on Sure Flow to
provide the solution! Click here to learn more about Sure Flow BWH
Fabricated Basket Strainers c/w Quick Opening Hinge Cover and for
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