We are always open for solving customers’ problems in
filtration. Sure Flow recently developed another unique custom
engineered strainer. Asked if we could provide a screen for an
aviation fuel application, we came to the customer’s rescue.
Camlock fittings were modified to accept a threaded basket
assembly, with 1/8″ perforation and 100 mesh lining. These
strainers will be mounted on fuel lines for refueling aircraft to
ensure particles larger than .006″ (or 152 microns) do not enter
the fuel tank. Precision manufactured, these 304 Stainless Steel
Fabricated Strainer Baskets will withstand many cleanings before
requiring replacement. Sure Flow Equipment Inc., with its qualified
staff, looks forward to hearing from you, with your next filtration
challenge. Contact Sure Flow Equipment Inc. and let us custom
engineer a solution for your application and for all your custom
engineered, fabricated strainers, filters and valves requirements.
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