Featured are six of Sure Flow FWT Carbon Steel high
pressure 2500 lb RTJ Fabricated Y Strainers. Joined together for
conduction of Hydrotesting, they successfully Hydrostatically
tested at 1.5 times the maximum allowable working pressure – in
this case 8082 psi. The purpose of this non-destructive test is to
verify the integrity of the welded assemblies. The glowing results
attest to the high skill and quality levels of our engineering and
fabrication expertise. These particular strainers are destined for
a high pressure petrochemical installation in Mexico. Our inline
industrial strainers, available with many different end connections
such as Flanged and Butt Weld, are frequently specified for gas
service applications as the welded design is a superior choice for
invasive applications such as gas. In addition to custom
fabricating FWT Y Strainers, conveniently, we also stock FWT
Fabricated Wye (Y) Strainers in a selection of sizes for you. We
invite you to explore our fabrication capabilities and diverse
offering of industrial filters, valves, strainers and custom
engineered strainers. For your personal tour just click: product
videos . As you can see, Sure Flow is focused on quality, customer
satisfaction and striving to be your single source for industrial
strainers, filters, valves and custom engineered, fabricated
strainers and valves . Remember to contact Sure Flow Equipment for
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