Made to order by Sure Flow! Custom Fabricated Strainer
Assembly: 14-inch Carbon Steel BWH150 Simplex Basket Strainer with
Quick-Opening Hinged Cover, Brass “Tee” Bolt Fasteners, Vent and
Drain Plugs; c/w three Brass Trimmed Isolating Gear Operated
Butterfly Valves — very unique and special — and fabricated
manifold assembly for a specialized application. This Simplex
Basket Strainer Assembly was designed with an overall height of
approximately nine feet for a vertically positioned installation in
the explosion proof area of a well known Canadian distillery. Sure
Flow successfully serves up another exceptional strainer
fabrication! We turned the project around in only 10 business days.
Well done Sure Flow employees! View our Video for a sample of the
diverse industrial pipeline product selections and technical scope
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