We’re very excited to introduce our new plant tour overview video which we’ve recently posted on the website. We’ve placed the link at the bottom of the blog.

The motivation for it came partially from one of our suppliers, Thomasnet. We have a 30+ year relationship with Thomas, starting out many decades ago using their printed directories to reach new customers, but now utilizing their digital platform to help spread the word about our products and services.

The second motivation came from new technology and our desire to be as current as we can. We have always been ahead of the curve in terms of technologies and processes that allow us to help our customers achieve their goals. From quality certifications to specialized coatings, customers know they can rely on Sure Flow to offer the most relevant products available.

Our website is another example of how Sure Flow remains committed to be ahead of the technology curve. We believe we were first in our industry to make our website responsive to mobile and smartphone technology. While many of the engineers and purchasing professionals who utilize our website view it on their computers, if others want to do it on a tablet or smartphone our site is responsive to their devices. We also believe we were first in the industry to implement our LiveChat feature for those customers who prefer to communicate through a computer.

Most noticeable in the new video is the drone footage which kicks off the tour. The progress in drone technology is remarkable and we were pretty excited to see the view from above the plant. Way above! To say our plant and warehouse is more than 100,000 square feet is one thing. To look down on it from way above really helps give it some perspective of its size.

One of the greatest advantages this size has provided us, apart from our ready to ship massive inventory of industrial valves and strainers, is how it helps the workflow in our fabrication business. Having inventory of steel and mesh and all the raw materials that go into our products is critical. To have the room available to move projects around to the various workstations that they’ll progress through during the manufacturing process is also crucial.  We continue to operate at a high level of capacity and having room to move a large number of projects through many stages of fabrication is simply essential to achieve our production goals.

The other unique characteristic of our new video is that fact that we chose not to have narration. Most of our other videos had a voiceover to make sure people were aware of what we offer. Our new video simply shows what we do and has a few captions to highlight the main points. Short, sweet, and to the point.