Not the largest Strainer we have ever manufactured –
but it was a team effort to assemble, test and get out the door.
This 24-inch inlet Fabricated Dual Basket Strainer was custom
designed and fabricated for General Motors in Canada for filtering
canal water at a flow rate of 17,000 G.P.M. The unit has Automatic
Vents plus Differential Switches. The Switches, of course, indicate
if the basket is clogged or requires cleaning. Switchover without
shutting the system is accomplished without “closing the system”,
or better stated, without interruption of the flow. Well Done Sure
Flow employees! By the way, we seem to have lost the chap in the
middle! If you have already created the design parameters of the
strainer you need, we can review the design and suggest changes to
improve performance or reduce costs by utilizing our engineering
expertise, manufacturing capabilities and equipment. Sure Flow
Equipment Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 Registered and our custom products
are designed and manufactured to ASME Section VIII, Div 1
requirements with ASME “U” Code Stamp and ASME “UM” Code Stamp and
National Board “NB” Mark available. You can be confident that the
finished product will be in exact conformance to your approved
design and performance specifications. Remember to contact Sure
Flow Equipment Inc. for all your custom engineered, fabricated
strainers, filters and valves.