Sure Flow manufactures a huge variety of industrial strainers and valves. These products end up in an even greater variety of industrial processes, some which are really quite amazing.

While we always prefer lots of turnaround time for our standard fabrication from engineering to testing and delivery, we understand that our customers’ timelines sometimes require us to expedite the order. We understand it and we can handle this pressure.

And if you think we can handle pressure, some of our fabricated strainers can REALLY handle the pressure. We just shipped a few different strainers designed to work in extreme environments.

This high-pressure basket strainer is not dainty either. It stands 8 feet high and 5 feet wide. We put a Sure Flow binder beside it to try and give some perspective. When we say, “No job is too small or too large for Sure Flow,” we mean it!

The unit will be used for particle removal and will be working at 1,500 Psi of pressure.

high pressure basket strainer Sure Flow

Here’s the unit under construction.

high pressure strainer under construction Sure Flow

The same day we took this photo we also found four FWTs on their way to strain feedwater at a power plant. They will be working at 2,500 Psi.

FWT High Pressure Strainers Sure Flow Equipment

Click here to see some of our standard high pressure strainers.

Whether it’s fabrication timeline pressure or operating pressure, Sure Flow and its quality products can handle it. So bring it on! Call us today.