During the course of my career, I have been fortunate
to be able to support fundraising efforts of many organizations. My
family came from England to Canada when I was very young. My Dad
had only $80.00 in his pocket when we arrived! Mum, Dad and my big
sister, Hazel, worked hard to build a new life in Canada. As I grew
up, I used hand-me-down hockey equipment. I have no complaints
about my childhood. It was wonderful. Canada has been great for my
family. I like giving back …. The Canadian National Women’s
Hockey Team is exerting a tremendous collective effort in their
pursuit of excellence and is deserving of our unconditional support
as they strive to capture the Gold in 2010 and enhance Canada’s
international presence with their Olympic success. I am proud that
I can assist in their journey and wish that more organizations
would step forward to help our Olympians.