As we wander through life we have many personal
inspirations. One of mine is Sir Winston S. Churchill. He was a
compulsive writer and orator who led England and the world through
a difficult time. I have a library of many fine collections. I own
the first printing of the 21 volumes of Winston S. Churchill.
Another mentor, inspiration and the bottom line of my success is my
father, Jack Desmond Wordsworth. He has taught me many things; from
personal growth to the success of business — many things. Before
Christmas now, I’ll tell you his most outstanding advice for
business success! “Son, you can never have enough friends”. At Sure
Flow we like to think of all our customers as great friends. We
like your business of course and yakking about family, basketball,
whatever. But at this time, I would like to recognize a young lady
who has visited our facility twice this year. We designed this
“monster” pictured above, had some hiccups, but with “3D” and some
creative engineering, we were successful. The fact that Sure Flow
Equipment Inc. is ISO 9001:2000 Certified and holds an ISO
9001:2000 Certificate of Registration from the Global Certification
Network, and that all products are designed and manufactured to
ASME Section VIII, Div 1, Current Edition with U and UM Code Stamp
available, was very important to this customer. To our special
friends – Thank You! Have a wonderful festive season and a safe
holiday to you and your family.