Flow Rate vs Pressure Drop (Clean Screen) Duplex Strainers

These curves are for clean baskets, without mesh liners – and with WATER flowing through the strainer. For mesh-lined baskets and/or other fluids, you must first compute a correction factor.

Model D125 and D150 Duplex – 3/4″ Through 4″

flow rate vs pressure drop up to 4 duplex strainer
flanged 2 inch duplex strainer Sure Flow

Model DF125 and DF150 Duplex – 5″ Through 8″

flow rate vs pressure drop 5 6 8 inch duplex strainers Sure Flow
flanged 8 inch duplex strainer Sure Flow


Pressure drop curves are based on water flow with standard screens. For other fluids and/or screen openings, the figure shall be multiplied by the following correction factors.

These charts are for theoretical calculations ONLY.
Please contact our office with your exact specifications and you will be provided with factory calculations.


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