Head Office and Production Facility

•  100,000 Square foot facility
•  Central distribution centrt
•  All finished products
•  Complete machine shop, lathe, vertical and horizontal boring
•  12 Welding stations with Jib cranes
•  Fully equipped with overhead cranes
•  40 foot drive in dock, dock height door & service door
•  20 Foot paint booth

Testing Capabilities

•  RT, UT, MT, LP
•  Film Thickness Testing
•  Adhesion Testing
•  Holiday Testing
•  Hydrostatic, Pneumatic
•  Hardness Testing
•  PMI Positive Material Identification
•  Non-Destructive Testing
•  Automated Marking System


Engineering Expertise

•  Full in-house design, Engineering Department
•  CAD services to design and build specialty products
•  CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics software program
•  3D Product Models

Welding Capabilities

•  Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
•  Flux-Core (FCAW)
•  Stick Electrode (SMAW)

Testing Commitment

To provide you with the most elite Strainer, Check Valve, Butterfly Valve, and a variety of other industrial valves, Sure Flow uses an in-house handheld PMI Positive Material Identification Analyzer. Within five seconds we can provide a full traceability of any alloy; plus download the analysis to provide a Material Test Report (MTR). We can readily supply in-house Material Test Reports for castings, welding rod, wire and all piping components, etc., to validate material composition.

Additional Services

•  Heat Tracing and Treatment
•  Full Material Traceability
•  Stress Relieving
•  Oxygen Service Cleaning and Degreasing
•  Machining
•  Steel Painting includes Tank Linings, Protective Coatings, Chemical Corrosion Resistance
•  Sand Blasting
•  Plasma Cutting
•  Water Jet Cutting (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum thickness up to 1”)
•  Contour Beveling

PMI Positive Material Identification Analyzer Hand Held Sure Flow
3D check valve cutaway Sure Flow


3D Computerized Product Models

This capability enables our Sure Flow Engineering Department to provide a better illustration of the installation, flow and positioning of our custom engineered products.


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